A downloadable game for Windows

Have fun with our submission to the Geta Game Jam 8. It was made with for the hardcore challenge, with no words or text. (Title screen excepted) There is also a web-playable version at https://unitycogeta.itch.io/sweet-dreams-webgl

Known bug: Clicking the window at the start screen should exit the game, but right now it doesn't work. Use alt-f4 instead.

A poor man is plagued by nighmares. Guide the Sandman to remind him he is not truely alone.

Controls (in case the tutorial without words or text is a bit too vague)

Left/Right: left arrow or a / right arrow or d

Jump: up arrow, w, space or right mouse button. (When you've absorbed sand, you can jump again while airborn)

Absorb: down arrow, s, left ctrl or left mouse button.

Reload to checkpoint: Enter or r

Return to start menu: Esc


PC build.zip 50 MB
Sweet Dreams v1.01 Post Jam.zip 50 MB


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